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Great staff and service. The staff are extremely friendly. Doctors Zabner is very knowledgeable and friendly. He works with all age groups, and he knows how to treat each group accordingly. Greatest dentist!!!
– Sam S.
We luv Dr. Zabner and his wonderful staff! I was fortunate enough to find them when my son chipped his tooth over 5 years ago. Dr. Zabner was very gentle and I could tell he cared about his patients. After that great experience, we just kept coming back, for our check ups that is. His receptionist Desiree is also a gem! She is very friendly and is willing to work with anyone to make sure they get what they need.
– Nicole S.
Our entire family has been going to Dr. Zabner for several years. He is a caring dentist that puts the whole family at ease when entering the office. Dr. Zabner uses the latest equipment
which makes it pain free and great dentistry. My husband snores a lot and Dr. Zabner prescribed a mouth piece that totally eliminates his snoring.
Everyone in the office is friendly and fantastic. I highly recommend Dr. Zabner as an amazing dentist and a kind medical professional.
– Marlene K.
Dr. Zabner and his amazing team have been taking care of me for over 5 years. They are truly a dream team! The office is friendly and very clean but the best part is how thorough Dr. Z is when it comes to your dental health. I’ve never felt like I was being taken advantage of. Every visit feels like I’m visiting old friends.
– S J.
Dr. Zabner is an amazing dentist and human being. He always makes sure that I am comfortable, which few of us are in a dental chair, and that my fears are kept to a minimum. Not only is he concerned about the pain in my mouth but also the chronic pain that I have had in my neck for years. In fact, he does a laser procedure that takes that away, as well. After one of his treatments, I sleep so well that I get up totally refreshed.

Whatever magic touch he has, may it last forever. Thanks.

– Phyllis T.
I’m a long term patient of Dr. Zabner. He practices great dentistry and I sleep significantly better as a result of one of his additional specialties, sleep disorders.

Four years ago he detected signs of sleep problems in my mouth during an exam and asked if I was having trouble sleeping. I had been having major problems getting enough restful sleep and also had problems getting my medical provider to recognize the condition. Dr. Zabner had me complete a questionnaire, conducted sleep testing using a medical device and found decided signs of Sleep Apnea. He wrote a letter to my medical provider including test findings which resulted in medical provider sleep testing, verification of my Sleep Apnea condition and ultimately a CPAP sleep device.

I’ve been sleeping soundly the last four years as a direct result of Dr. Zabner’s diagnostic skills and forthright actions. I’m sure he extended my life by years. My quality of life and productivity have been greatly enhanced. My wife tells me I never snore, and I don’t miss constantly waking up gasping.

– Perry G.
Dr. Zabner is a great dentist, great guy, with a great staff and its pain free to boot. About as good as it gets. His associate, Jim Formaker is also top notch. Highly recommend.
– Craig S.
What an awesome dentist as well as caring person. My whole family has been treated by Dr Zabner for 27 years, when I say treated it apply s to more then dentistry, my daughter who is 23 and a nervous person relaxes when she is at Dr Zabners, go figure, she would probably live there if allowed. I was always scared of dentist as a child, I wish I had a Dr Zabner to take the time to treat my mental well being as well as my dental needs.

All of the work that our our mouths (all four of us) have needed done over the years has been superior. Dr Zabner thanks for putting a smile on so many faces 🙂

The entire staff has a welcoming demeanor and really care about what is important to all the patients at every visit. A big THANK YOU to everyone.

– Layna H.
I am a nervous patient when it comes to both the dentist and the doctor and everytime I visit Dr. Zabner and his fantastic team I am instantly at ease. Dr. Zabner is always attentive to what is going on, making sure I am comfortable.

After being ripped off by another dentist I was on guard when I first met Dr. Zabner but my concerns were instantly but at ease. He didn’t try and sell me on unnecessary procedures or products. If I asked, he gave me honest answers on whether it was something I needed or not but did not push me on getting anything.

After a few years, I finally decided I wanted to straighten my teeth. Dr. Zabner and I discussed the various options and decided on Clear Coat (Invisalign’s competitors). I am so thrilled I did. My teeth look amazing and Dr. Zabner had my back throughout the whole process. A couple times the company was slow or messed up on trays and he was always right on top of them making sure they were providing what we ordered.

Dr. Zabner and everyone that works there are fantastic, cheerful, helpful, kind people. I always look fwd to seeing them all!

– Michelle M.
I’m absolutely afraid of the dentist ( bad exp when I was 5 ) but they were really slow with me and helped me get through the work I needed done. They are patient, nice, and gentle! Very calm and friendly environment!!
– Ranae B.
I’ve been a patient for 25 years and Dr. Zabner is the BEST! He is expert, innovative and everything about the office is friendly and comforting. Also, like me, he loves gadgets…so you will always have the benefit of the very latest technology. Can’t recommend highly enough!
– David S.
I have been going to dr Zabner for over 30 years!
He is not only a terrific dentist he is a caring and wonderful
Person ! In the rare times I needed dental assistance
Off hours he has called me back ASAP no matter
What hour or day and was willing to meet me
At his office. Unheard of in this day and age.
His staff is as caring and wonderful as Dr
Zabner. They all take care of me like I am a
Member of their family!
His work is impeccable and I always know
No matter what , whatever the ssue it will
Be taken care of as Dr. Zabner is always
Up on the latest technology in the dental world .
He and his office get more than 5 stars from
– Mimi M.
Best dentist I’ve ever been to, hands down. Courteous, professional, fair and excellent at what he does, it doesn’t get any better than Dr. Z.
Read my other dentist review–if you suck, I’m going to tell you.
Dr. Zabner is the polar opposite of everything bad I’ve encountered with dentists, and I don’t get the used car salesman vibe from him that I got from my previous dentists. Plus all the girls that work there are hot.
A nugget of gold in a field full of shysters.
– J. S.