First, as always my staff and I hope this finds you all doing well. We hope that you are staying healthy, complying with “Safe at Home” and keeping with physical distancing during these very strange times, which have not been easy. I am truly looking forward to returning to work as I am sure most people are as well. At this time, I would like to update you with our office plan. We will re-open as soon as we have been advised that it is safe to do so. I will not guess when that time will be. I will tell you that I monitor every accept possible just to keep apprised as to when that might be in accordance with ADA® and CDC guidelines.

Please remember I remain available for any dental emergency you may have and to answer any your dental questions. I can be reached at 818-326-7423.

I spoke with one patient who was just having a problem coping. She lives alone. He family is in another state and some of them have been hospitalized. Someone in that situation would have rather been home even if there was nothing she could do. I hope our conversation made a difference.

Thus far the ADA like all other advisory agencies, is unsure when we might be authorized to re-open on a consistent schedule. Since I was not accurate in my last estimate as to when we would return to the office I will not give a prediction now. In the meantime, let me outline some new protocols that I will put into place. These will be in addition to the extremely high standards we have maintained since opening the office in 1983. As we have always strived to be a leading office by using the latest protocols to keep our office safe and provide you with a healthy dental experience, we continually update our practices.

Some of those new protocols will include:
• Scheduling fewer patients.
• Allowing you to wait in your car until it is time for your appointment. We will inform you with a phone call or text when it is time for your visit. If you choose this option please let us know when you arrive at our office.
• We will take the temperature of everyone entering the office using an external thermometer. For everyone’s safety if we find that you have an elevated temperature we will ask you to reschedule. You may also want to follow up with your regular caregiver.

We welcome your suggestions as well and will be happy to implement your ideas.

We had great responses tour last newsletter. Sime people took the time to let us know what they are doing:

Hi Dr. Zabner and team,

Aww, I love this newsletter. You guys are adorable. I’m glad to hear everyone is safe a healthy at home. I miss y’all but glad everyone is healthy at home. I got done watching “Tiger King” on Netflix. Like everyone else its like “nooo, I…. really…. Shouldn’t” lol but got caught up in it. I you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. You will never be the same again, just a fair warning. I have not been baking at all although you might think I would. I don’t want to want to grow 3 fat ass sizes bigger when I have to return to work. LOL Vanity, vanity. Yes, all is vanity!

Anyhoot, take care of yourselves and I will see you when the coast is clear. Meanwhile, I’ve been encouraging everyone to maintain good oral habits and flossing. Floss, floss floss!!! 🙂

Love and hugs

Hi everybody,

Glad to hear you’re all safe & well. I appreciate the updates and fully understand why you’re closed. (Mike – you will have to dig extra deep on mt next visit. I’m sure! Lol)

I have been cleaning and organizing throughout my home but keep getting distracted by what I find. It’s amazing what shows up! I found some old birthday cards a ticket from Disney World from the 1970’s and a 20-year old pen that still writes, just to name a few.

Be well. Stay well & see you soon,


Well to stop myself from totally going crazy I’ve been doing jigsaw puzzles, I’m just starting my third one. It’s a good way to wind down and pass a few hours each day. There’s a great selection on Amazon so you don’t have to go too far to get one.

Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we will see each other in a few months.

Take care,


Thank you to the patients who reached out to share. This, I feel helps everyone knowing that there are positive tasks we can do and take away ideas from others. In the meantime, I will continue with these updates.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Dr. Zabner