How Stress Is Bad For Your Oral Health

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Every day you encounter situations that make you feel stressed or anxious. However, excess stress can be very harmful to your health, including your oral health. From teeth to gums to other oral tissues, stress can impact the health of your mouth in many ways.

Oral Health Problems Caused By Stress

Stress is actually a trigger for several oral health problems such as canker sores and burning mouth syndrome. It can also cause:

  • Bruxism: This is teeth grinding and clenching which can cause headaches, damage to teeth, and aggravation to TMJ disorder in the jaw.
  • Periodontal Disease: Cortisol, a stress hormone, has been linked with gum tissue destruction and a weakening of the immune system.
  • Poor Oral Habits: Those under a lot of stress can develop habits that negatively affect oral health such as alcohol use, smoking, and neglect of oral hygiene.

Ways To Reduce Stress And Prevent Oral Health Problems

The problems caused by stress can make you feel even more stressed, so it is best to reduce stress and prevent oral health problems through:

  • Exercise and a healthy diet
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Counseling
  • Relaxing facial muscles throughout the day
  • Brushing and flossing teeth daily
  • Visiting the dentist twice a year