Cosmetically Restore the Appearance of Your Smile with a Porcelain Crown

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A lot of people feel that having a winning smile says a lot about them. Unfortunately, there are times when the natural processes of aging, past dental work, or chips on one of the teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious. This often prompts people to contact us to explore their restoration options.

One of the best methods for cosmetically restoring just one or two teeth is to have the entire enamel layer replaced by a porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown in Toluca Lake, California. Since the porcelain material can be shaded, it will look just like a natural tooth.

Having a tooth restored by a porcelain crown generally requires two separate appointments. The process begins with Dr. Lawrence Zabner examining the tooth and taking some X-rays. Assuming the interior structures of the tooth are sound and healthy, he can begin the process of preparing the tooth.

Dr. Lawrence Zabner will then use a drill to shape the enamel layer of the tooth, leaving the healthy interior of the tooth completely unaffected.

At the end of the first appointment, our dentist will form an impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth. Then the abutment is covered by a hard plastic cap known as a temporary crown. The impression is sent off to a dental lab that will custom make your new crown.

Our office will call you back in for a short second appointment when your crown is completed. Our dentist will remove the temporary crown and cement your new permanent crown in place over the tooth.

If you have one or two unappealing teeth in your smile and you would like to explore your cosmetic restoration options, call our office at 818-766-5246 to set up a consultation.