Building an Oral Care Routine That Prevents Cavities

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The presence of plaque on your teeth creates harmful acids that chew through tooth enamel and cause cavities. Toothaches, staining, sensitivity and infection are all signs of cavities that can be avoided with proper care.

We are happy to help you create effective oral care habits that prevent cavities and improve oral health, such as:

– Brush your teeth twice a day because your toothbrush removes the plaque that water can’t rinse away.

– Use a fluoride toothpaste to naturally improve your tooth enamel and give your smile more support and strength.

– Floss every day to remove plaque from between the teeth and other tight spaces of your smile.

– Eat a health diet low in sugar so that plaque can’t feed on sticky and sugary foods and produce acid that attacks the tooth enamel.

– Limit your snacks and soda intake and snacking so that you aren’t filling your mouth with sugar all day and experiencing an increase in oral acid.

– Schedule routine dental checkups with the dentist every six months so that we can help you prevent cavities through dental exams and cleanings.

– Speak with Dr. Lawrence Zabner if you feel that you would benefit from dental sealants or fluoride supplements as extra protection for your teeth and oral health.

We encourage you to contact Lawrence Zabner, DMD at 818-766-5246 today and arrange a consultation with our team if you have concerns about cavity prevention in Toluca Lake, California!