Aging and Your Oral Health

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As you age, it is important to stay on top of the many changes that occur. Among these is the mouth. Good oral care can prevent many problems that aging people often confront, and ensure excellent quality of life as you get older.

First, let us say that getting older does NOT mean you will lose all your teeth! In fact, your natural teeth are built for life. But they do require proper care, and understanding that your mouth can change is important. As people age, the nerves in their teeth often shrink and lose some of their sensitivity. This means that you may be less receptive of pain and therefore less aware of potential problems, like cavities, until it is too late. Regular dental exams are even more important as you get older.

Be sure to keep up on your daily oral hygiene routine. People with traditionally strong teeth sometimes feel that since they haven’t had much trouble in the past, they will avoid it in the future. But all people should brush twice a day, and floss every day. A brush with softer bristles may be good for you. If you have dentures, be sure and thoroughly clean them every day, and remove them for several hours a day. These daily habits can prevent many problems.

Many of us care for an elderly loved one, so we need to be aware of their dental needs. Remind them to keep up with their dental regimens, and help them get to the dentist regularly. Be aware of changes in their eating habits. Eating less may be a sign of denture problems.

Good oral health is an important part of having golden years that really shine. Call Dr. Lawrence Zabner, DMD to schedule a consultation about your dental needs going forward.