A TMJ Disorder Treatment Plan Might Include Sleeping With a Dental Guard

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A dull ache around the temples and jaw muscles or discomfort when biting down are often early signs of a problem with the temporomandibular joints. Some TMJ disorder sufferers also experience an uncomfortable clicking or locking up in the joint.


If you have been experiencing symptoms like this, you should seek a professional diagnosis from a dentist like Dr. Lawrence Zabner. After assessing the severity of the problem and the factors that might be associated with your TMJ disorder symptoms, he will present you a possible treatment plan.


If he feels that your TMJ disorder discomfort is related in some way to chronic night grinding, he might recommend sleeping with a dental guard in your mouth. It is a soft plastic oral appliance that you install in your mouth shortly before falling asleep to help to cushion the biting surfaces of your teeth. It can also allow a mild degree of slip between both sets of teeth to reduce muscular tension in the temporomandibular joints.


Eating a diet of softer foods, performing simple facial stretches and periodically applying hot or cold packs could also help to alleviate your TMJ disorder discomfort.


If you don’t experience significant symptom relief within a few weeks, Dr. Lawrence Zabner might recommend more advanced treatments.


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